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seaMhJWHi everyone, hope this is an OK place for this, if not I'd appreciate any advice as to where I may be able to find some help. I'm looking at attending a local school here in Albuquerque for their ADN program. Was going to start in April but am going to have to wait until the next cohort in August due to work. The school ran the numbers for April and I needed roughly 2k out of pocket due to books, ipad and difference in the VA Academic Year. Fast forward to running the numbers for the August start and now that number is 6k.

Is anyone familiar enough with the VA/GI Bill to look at these financial plans and give me some insight? It would be very much appreciated. It is a small school and they don't have a military assistance office/representative, at this time they are telling me it's because of the VA Academic Year.


$46k in tuition for an ADN?!?

That must be a misprint right? Dude someone is trying to rip you off.

Have you looked at the tuition at some of these for-profit schools before? It's not uncommon. It's regionally accredited, CCNE accredited and I have my GI bill so the total program cost isn't my concern. I'm just having trouble understanding the variance in academic years and the official at the school hasn't been very helpful. Since it is a small school they don't have a dedicated liaison for military/VA concerns.

I am also a vet. I've also used my GI bill to help fund my education. I have no idea why their math is not matching up. Strange.

But from one vet to another I would strongly encourage you to look at other programs rather than spending this much money for an ADN.

I appreciate the input, I've reached out to the Veterans resource center at the local University as well to see if I can get a good explanation. If I have the time tomorrow I'm going to call the VA Education Dept. to talk to someone.

I agree that the math doesn't seem to work. I used my GI Bill for nursing school last year. I didn't have to pay a single penny. I completed a entry level master's program and the tuition for the 16 month program was 40K. Just FYI, you do know that you can get in state pretty much anywhere for 3 years after discharge??? Just to open up more possibilities if you fit that category. And some schools will go past the 3 year mark. I got in-state at University of Arizona and I was just a bit over that 3 year mark.

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