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Im a senior in high school and I want to go into Pre-Nursing. I am currently wondering on things I would need to know before I go into the program. I am new to everything and would like your opinion on classes to take, prepare myself, and other.

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You need to speak with a counselor at whichever college you're applying to in order to determine what classes are required, etc.

With regards to high school classes, anatomy & physiology and chemistry are the big, important courses that come to mind. Typing & computers and a firm base in English (grammar, spelling, etc) will take you far.


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Find out from a college counselor what courses will be required in your state.

I COMPLETELY agree about having a firm base in English- that can be one of those surprising things that holds people back. There are a lot of papers to be written in nursing school, plus documentation (and NOTHING bothers me more than seeing words misspelled in nursing notes, doctor's orders or progress notes!!), and even notes you'll put up around the hospital (another annoyance is something like, "Please don't put wheelchair's here" or "All nurse's must attend":dead:).

Of course, those science classes SoldierNurse22 mentioned will serve you well, too. Even if you take them in high school, you'll need them again in college, but having taken them in high school will give you a leg up when you take them later.