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Hi Madwife, I have been registered a year now but i still dont know how to send a PM ... I think i see in threads and that means private message. Im a newly qualified nurse in London and has startede the process of trying to get CES report etc as i want to migrate to states. I did the opposite that most nurses from UK studied. I studied Paediatrics however in my first year I did the Commom Foundation Programme ( CFP) were i did theory in adults, mental health etc and all the nursing branches were mixed ie we all did the same 'common foundation' . I came across a guy that did exact course and worked at the said hospital i am working now in london. He did paeds and he was fine getting through CGFNS that was in 2007. So im not sure and he didnt do any made up hours; He had mentioned that I read threads by yourself or Suzanne about UK nurse wanting to get to USA. Also I do hold a SSN# as i worked in New Hampshire when i was youger on a short term work related J1 visa.

please let me know how best i could get to speak with you on my aboe issue. Also it would be good if you could email me to my personal email or i can call you as i have free calls to states. please let me know. I am using a agency here and im just now getting uni to send my transcript to CGFNS. Help!"!!!!! Im so stressed about it all

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You need to get sorted with a state first before thinking about immigration. Generally nurses come under EB3 for immigrant visa (greencard) and current waiting times to be processed is Sept 2012 and that is after you have met state requirements and found a employer willing to wait the few years it will take and they file an application for you. Things are pretty tough in the US like it is in the UK for nurses with many nurses struggling to find work. Getting an agency will not make it any easier to get to the US.

Get your CES sorted and pass NCLEX would be the start of the process

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