Getting SOOO nervous...

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I have started receiving my books in the mail and I have been surfing this site and it is starting to make me REALLY nervous. I have done well in all of my pre-req's (B in A&P and Micro A in Chem) but I feel like it is not going to be enough. As I read on here about people who ask stupid questions and I am afraid I will be one of those people.

Does anyone else feel that way (or did before they started?)

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Don't be afraid about asking "stupid" questions! Ask away! Ask professors, fellow students, and sure ask away on Allnurses! Nursing school is definitely nerve wracking especially before you start... going into the unknown is always anxiety provoking. But it sounds like you care and you're prepared (having your books ahead of time) that's a good start!

Best of luck!

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