Getting my RN in California timeline


I have seen many people inquiring about getting their license in CA and how long it takes. Well I graduated from a school in Nevada and was discouraged by every single teacher and student that heard I wanted to test for CA. I was told " just get your NV license and then transfer it". Well I graduated December 16th, my awesome school actually did not send out my transcripts like I had requested. I had to call them many times and the CA BON, until on January 4th they were sent out. All of my other information and fingerprints were done in October. I was unrelenting with my calls to the CA BON, it takes forever to get through to someone and the first time that I got through after waiting over an hour, the woman hung up on me and I was devestated. I was told that after they recieve my transcripts they can be in the mail room for 4 to 6 weeks, and then after that they can take another 4 to 8 weeks to process them. My heart was breaking, all of my classmates had already taken the NCLEX it seemed and I felt that I was losing all of my knowledge.

I then called the week after on January 11th, to be told that they still were not processing my transcripts.

Then I called on January 25th, and the woman I talked to was about to hang up after telling me to wait again and she goes " WAIT, hold on, we are processing your transcripts right now it says, so it should only be one to three more weeks"

I was so happy, then on January 26th I logged into the Breeze and had my Interim Permit, and at 10PM I received my authorization to test.

I tested on Friday Feb 3rd, and as of this morning Feb 7th, my Registered Nursing license is active on the Breeze.

So over all it was stressful, but it was not that much of a time difference, being that transferring your license may take months.

In my school's program we had an NCLEX prep class that I thought was very helpful, and then a wonderful friend of mine reintroduced me to UWorld, and I strictly used that to study the month prior. To be honest I was very scared and felt unprepared because I was moving and actually worked a 13 hours shift the day before the NCLEX. I passed after 91 questions, over 50 of these were select all that apply:(!


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Hi there! I graduated about the same time, and the BON mailed me a letter indicating that they only needed my transcripts to be sent. I just had them sent through my school the day after graduation; however, I did not attach the additional papers that the application included with the request for transcripts. I haven't received my ATT yet, and I am just hoping that this is not the reason. Do you have any insight? Thank you for all of your help!


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I am so sorry I did not see this, I hope you are now an RN;)