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hello, I am a nurse who had to surrender my license because the charge was falsifying a business record for signing for a treatment that I didn't do. I plead guilty because they had a videotape that showed I didn't do treatment, I was videotaped almost a year before I was charged, so I had no way of remembering the circumstances of what happened and why treatment was not done. I'm not trying to make excuses, just giving facts of the case, I saw my initials so that's why I plead guilty, I accept responsibility for what I did and I'm remorseful for what I did. They say I can apply for reinstatement of my license. what I wanted to know is how do you go about writing why you should get your license back when you did something wrong. any feedback positive or negative will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Have you contacted your state board? I'm pretty sure the process varies somewhat from state to state. I have no personal experience with this type of issue, but from what I've heard, it's best to get legal counsel. You may find this section of the site helpful, as there are many stories of people dealing with various state boards to try to get or retain their licenses:

Good luck to you.