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I live in Mass. I recently graduated and took the Anderson Course. I purchased the Kaplan book and I have been practicing 100 questions every other night. I wish everyone luck to anyone getting ready to take it and congrats to all who have. :)

Just wanted to know if anyone took the Anderson Course?

In boston it has a really good reputation.

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no, i didn't take the anderson course. all the best when you take the nclex.

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I took the Anderson course (from the Anderson himself) five years ago; it was given at our school in between semesters and we were strongly urged to take it. Our entire class was signed up for it and we had 100% pass rate on the NCLEX. I found it directly appplicable to the NCLEX at the time we took it. The material reviewed was very relevent to what we saw on the test. Much attention was given to actual test-taking techniques, like how to eliminate some of the answers. There was also emphasis on the kind of info that would be required by the test questions (ie- choosing the answer that promotes patient involvement in care, also many questions on delegation in the version of the test I took). I highly recommend Anderson- good luck on this and in your career!

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