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Getting all pre and co reqs done before nursing program


How many of you got ALL of the pre and co requisites done before starting the program? How big of a difference was it in the nursing program just taking the required nursing classes/clinicals? My dilemma is that I go to a community college and plan to go through their nursing program but there is about a 2-3 year waitlist (obviously that can change for better or worse). Ive had people tell me to use those years for cramming all remaining classes in so that I dont have to worry about them later. Others have said that I should just get the required classes for admission and then apply to a different school where I wont have to wait. Im just wondering how worth it it would be to wait out the 2-3 years and do all the classes then but take a bit longer to graduate. Thoughts?

Here, (also a CC) you can't even apply to the program until all pre-reqs are completed. They used grades in those courses as part of the weed out process for applicants. I took one course at a time with the pre-reqs, and it took a while. Really these 7/9 quarter nursing programs they are pitching are much more like a 3/4 year process from start to finish. It would be very wise to complete the co-reqs now before you start - if you're not coming in with Comp, Communications, etc, get them done as well as the science and maths.

The problem I ran into was that to complete pre-reqs for the schools around here it was different enough between them that it was going to be very costly and time consuming. So I just threw all of my eggs into one basket, so to speak, and did everything required for the school I'm currently at and it ended up working out. It sucks to be in that position though.

Good luck to you!

It was exactly the same for me too! Taking the pre/co req's were required in order to get into the program which is highly competitive to get into. Take all the classes you can while you are waiting and make the best grades that you can. It took me three years but I finished all the required classes and I'm about to start my second semester of nursing school. Hang in there it is definitly worth the effort and the wait! Good luck!:loveya:

Finished mine before I started nursing school. There were only a couple that required completion beforehand but it makes it so much easier when you can just worry about the nursing classes and all that goes along with them (labs, clinicals, etc). Believe me it'll be challenging enough without the core classes mixed in.

hi rys22 :)

at my school, all prereqs need to be completed and transcripts sent to the nursing school before acceptance into the program. i find its easier to have them all done and out of the way so that one can focus mainly on the nursing education. because, to me, there is nothing worse than drowning in your nursing classes (which will be a handful in itself) and then completing accessory courses as well, at the same time. if you are fine with taking coreqs along with nursing classes, more power to you. to each their own, i say. everyone is different, and knows what one can handle and what one cannot. its a personal choice. do what is best for you and what your nursing program recommends.

you can complete the bare minimum prereqs and apply to schools, like you mentioned. your chances of being accepted are as good as anyone elses. there is nothing wrong with that, either. you'll just know further down the line in your education that you'll need complete rest of the education for your degree. you can try applying to nursing schools with the bare minimum prereqs done and transcripts sent, and see if you get accepted. if you get accepted, thats great! :) if you don't, well, continue on with your education and apply at a later date which is totally groovy too. :)

good luck to you.