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Getting into a PMHNP program

Jessbitt Jessbitt (New) New Nurse

Hey guys,

I am applying for programs for PMHNP, but I am unsure what my chances are, as my GPA for my BSN was only 3.2. My Associate's GPA prior to that was 3.8, but I am not sure how much that will help in my application.

I'm wondering if anyone had any experience with getting a general MSN in order to obtain a higher GPA for that degree and then transferring for the PMHNP.

I live in the Seattle area of Washington state, and unfortunately most of the programs around here are very competitive , very expensive, and offer only a doctorate. The three programs I am currently looking at are Frontier Nursing University, Walden and North Dakota University, as all three of these are accepted by my state and can be done online.

Any advice for getting into these programs would be welcome! Thank you!

FullGlass, BSN, MSN, NP

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There are PMHNP programs that don't require a super high GPA. I'd suggest applying to more schools than just those three. Also, you can call schools and talk to an admissions counselor about your concerns.

Admissions is not just based on your GPA. The schools also look at your admissions essay and relevant experience. If you don't have direct psych experience, then volunteer for an organization that helps the mentally ill or homeless (most homeless people are mentally ill)

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association website provides lists of PMHNP programs by state and also a list of online programs: