Getting Parttime employer and PRN one to work together on a schedule

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I'm looking for advice on scheduling two different jobs. I was hired for both at exactly the same time and neither committed to me in a way that allowed me to turn down the other. And, the parttime ended up being far less than I originally discussed. Now I'm having trouble scheduling orientation hours between the two jobs when both intent to drastically cut my hours once training is through. So, I can't really give up either. Ultimately, I'm going to struggle to get 24 hours a week as it is.

Anyone been through this? Any advice?

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I have been though that-I started at one position and worked 5 days (with all most NO training) Another job I had applied for was offered to me,I informed the first that I would let them know when I would next be available and went and oriented at the other facility. I actually never went back to the first facility. We have alot of PRN staff where I work now-many of them give a list of their available dates to the scheduler and she uses them when she needs them.Can't you do the same at your PRN job? Thge part time postition probably has to mesh into other nurse's schedules.The PRN position should be more flexible. If you are good on the floor and they like you they should be willing to work with you.Stand up for yourself and clearly state your needs.Good Luck

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