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I would like some feedback for an advocacy paper I'm writing for my issues class... The issue is this...Why are the majority of other healthcare providers in training (such as doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacists etc) financially compensated for their pregrad work but nurses are not offered any "stipend" for the time they put in? After all the purpose of the intern/pregrad/preceptorship is the same....

Does anyone know of any nursing schools globally that DO have paid internships for nurses? If so where?? Can anyone give me an idea of what the compensation packages are like for the other healthcare interns? I'd like any and all thoughts on this....for or against...or other questions I should be asking myself...???

We have our break coming up in a week or so and I'll be developing a very small survey that I can use to get some stats for this paper...if you or your collegues would like to give feedback on this subject please email me at [email protected]




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I don't know of any schools in WI that offer paid internships. Ours are usually 3 credits, so we have to PAY to work for FREE! It really sucks.

The hospitals hire nurse interns and train them on anything they haven't learned, but it's not associated with the school.



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our hospital doesn't have 'paid internships' for nursing students.....

but we do hire "Nurse Apprentice" positions for our nrsing students who want to work....sort of "above CNA and below RN" position...

a great way for our students to work in an area to see 'reality' instead of just 'clinical school hours'.... better for us, too, as then only the new RNs that understand the true principle of work are applying for jobs in our area of L&D!


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