Getting into OB nursing after 1 yr experience on med-surg?

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I've been working as a med surg RN for 1 year. OB is where I really want to make my career however. I've started applying for jobs but have had very little luck. I'm afraid it's because I have no experience in OB but it's that old catch-22 of how to get experience without being able to work in that area. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

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You may want to consider asking your facility if you can crosstrain to postpartum (Mother/Baby) to be able to float there or pick up extra shifts. This would get your foot in the door to be considered when a position becomes available.

I didn't suggest crosstraining directly to L&D as this really requires more extensive full time experience to reach the point of competence and unless you are in the dept. full time would be difficult. Once you get into PP/MB though you should easily be considered to transition to L&D.

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