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I am 23 and interested in nursing. I went to PSU when I was 18 and dropped out after a year. I got mostly C's and B's in my classes. Later on, I went to the Art Institute and I have an Associate's in Fashion Design. I am wondering if I can still get into nursing? My grades at PSU were not good, I had a 2.9 GPA. My grades at Ai were decent (3.5 GPA), but they will not transfer. I regret my poor choices I have made in the past and I want to start over. I am looking into SCC or NCC nursing program for next year. Is it possible to take some of the pre-requistes over at my local community college? Or should I just move on? I am also worried about my age.


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most nursing schools require you to take certain classes before getting accepted such as microbiology, physiology, anatomy etc. took me about a year to get those core prerequisites done, and now i'm applying to nursing schools. waitlist schools estimate around 3 years (i'm waitlist number 522 at my cc) so to kill time waiting to get accepted somewhere i'm working on my GE's and taking classes to lift up my GPA.

I say, if you really want to do it, go for it. I'm 22, and all my older classmates tell me being in your twenties is the best time to go to school and build having a career. They tell me by the time i'm 30 i'll have a career and be set for life already.

Nursing is always a good major to get into, if you take the prereqs and becoming an rn doesn't work out for you, you can get into radiology or become an lvn. LVN programs usually have a lot fewer prereqs to apply if you want to go through that route.

best of luck!

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