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Getting into NP school

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I am trying to pursue a nurse practitioner career. However, I am running into obstacles getting into to the program. I have a minor in possession of alcohol ticket from 17years ago and a DUI from 12 years ago. I have been a license RN for 10years with no issues. The school wanted me to run a background check for admissions and I failed according to their requirements. The alcohol ticket showed up but the DUI didn't! Because the alcohol ticket showed up I failed! I am trying to get theses things "set aside" which is what the school recommended so I could attend. It seems u fair since theses things were so long ago! I am looking for a school that will accept me, if anyone has recommendations? I know there are providers out there working with these type of issues. I just would like some help in case this set aside doesn't help.

You can easily get the alcohol charge sealed from your record, because it happened when you were still a minor.