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Hey all,

How difficult is it to get into an NP program in Ontario after 2 years of full-time clinical work as an RN?


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Hi palmpalm,

I'll let you know hopefully soon! I've applied to a few primary health care NP programs in Ontario this winter, but haven't heard anything back yet. By Sept 2009, I will have had 2 years of nursing experience, primarily in community health settings. I have a BA, and did an accelerated BScN following that. There are a few women I work with who were admitted to the NP program in the past with 2-3 years of nursing experience.

Despite the recent funding announcement for NP-run clinics in underserviced communities, there is a number of issues with the training and education of NPs in this province. Within the last few years, the certificate program finally switched to a Masters/NP program. There now seems to be problems with funding this type of program, and certain programs were cancelled. For example, Ryerson University is not offereing the dual Masters/NP programs this year, and their website is stating that RN's who already have a master's degree will get priority for admission to their NP certificate program. After reading about the movement towards doctoral preparation for NPs in the US, it is shocking to me that preparing NPs at the masters level is still so challenging in this province.

Not to discourage you, but the NP role in Ontario is still very new and faces a lot of opposition in terms of governement legislation not to mention a few physician groups (ie. the OMA). It's still hard to predicit what the future will be for NPs in this province. There's more information on this on the NPAO's (Nurse Practitioners Association of Ontario) website.

All the best to you- I'll keep you posted as to how things turn out!


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Soooo?? It has been a while since I asked--anyone want to answer? :-)

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Hello, I hope you got answer to your question.

I am from IL, USA. I am in NP programm ( just starting). From my class this semester I need to communicate with a nurse from another country and get to your issues, challenges etc. Will you be interested in communicating with me. Thanks.

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Have you tried contacting the Nurse Practitioners Association of Ontario? Maybe they can answer your question.

Also I think some nurses have been accepted into nurse practioner programs through the "grow your own nurse practioner initiative", information about the initiative is on the ministry of health website.

Not sure if you are aware or if this something you are interested in but there is a physician assistant initiative and the program is at McMaster,




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Hi palmpalm,

I got into the NP/Masters program at McMaster having 2 years of nursing experience (graduated in June 2007). I met my classmates at a summer orientation and I was surprised by how young of a group we were- I'd say the majority of us are in our late 20s and 30s and don't have decades of nursing experience.

If you are thinking of applying, I'd recommend applying to multiple schools as I think some have more applicants than others. In the more competitive programs they may choose people with more work experience.

Let me know if you have any questions- I'd be happy to try to answer them!

You will need to have the requirements to get into a NP program in Ontario. First, are you planning to get into a Acute or Primary Care program. If you can get like 3 years experience with an average of 80%. Im sure the road will be easy.

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