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Do I have a good chance of being accepted into North Georgia's nursing program even if I don't have some of the science classes completed? I'm currently taking A&P I with another college at the moment (with an A) and registered to take A&P II in the fall quarter. Then I plan on taking Micro in the winter quarter. I have several classes completed such as English, College Algebra, Intro to computers, Psych 101, and American Gov't. My grades are good (GPA 3.65) I'm not worried there. I just don't know if they'll still consider me for the Fall 2011 class since I will not have the science courses completed by the application deadline (Dec. 15 2010).

Has anyone else been in this situation and care to comment?


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When I look at the NGCSU ADN requirement page, there is no mention of pre-recs (only that we take the TEAS). According to the program of study page, we are supposed to take A & P during our first year and Micro during our 2nd year. So I believe that having incomplete science courses will not have a negative impact on your application. I took A & P MANY years ago and was not anticipating retaking it until I was accepted, I have BS in Microbiology so I am not planning on taking micro again until I know I am accepted.

Have you submitted a completed app to NGCSU? If so, have you heard from them. I submitted a completed app in Sept and have not heard a word. It is making me nervous!


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Sorry for replying late...I did some more reading on their nursing homepage and noticed that you're accepted into the nursing program based on several factors which are listed on the bottom of the following page

I've been accepted to the school. I finished my application in mid September, and I was accepted in early October. As far as being accepted into the nursing program, I don't believe they'll make decisions on this until after the December 15 deadline.


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Sorry that I just noticed this! But you DON"T have to have all the sciences done!! NGCSU is, I think, the only school that allows you to complete these courses while you are in the program. I know several students in my class that are taking A and P I right now..I feel so bad for them b/c I know how hard that must be!! I wont lie, its alot easier to know what is going on. I am so glad that I had already taken everything. But yes, North Ga likes to make an example on how people CAN take these courses during the nursing program. Sorry this is so late, you guys will understand once your in the program how you never have time to check on here b/c ur always studying. LOL..but if you have both done A&P then you can do this me, A&P was really hard and it did a great job at preparing me. GL! You will do great! and hopefully you both get in..who knows? b/c it seems like they accept one Natalie a yr...theres a Natalie that will graduate this semester and then me for this thought I would mention that. ;)