Getting into my new grad program


I am a graduate of 2015 and got my RN license early 2016. Because I couldnt get into any hospitals/hospitals had no new grad openings for a few months now, Ive decided to apply and accept a job at a Skilled Nursing Facility. A month later, a hospital 3 blocks away from home finally had a new grad opening. (What coincidence!) I applied but they require no RN experience at all but Ive already have my 1 month experience in the SNF and as the hospital processes my application, my experience becomes 2 months and they finally sent an email with a questionaire asking do you have an RN experience and asking to send a resume. And by the time theyll notify me (because they gave a date) if im accepted into the program or not I would be staying my current SNF job for 3 months now.

Ive been really determined throughout this process and bottom question is. Should I mention in my resume and questionaire that I have RN experience at a SNF for a new grad program? Would the 3 month experience will have any value to them or would cause me to be not accepted into their program? Or would omitting that experience be okay since its only 3 months?