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How many years experience as an RN do you need before applying to midwife school?

Me and a friend are both interested in Frontier- what is the average applicant like who applies and how many years experience as an RN do they have?

How competitve is it to get into a midwife school?? Is it like most nursing schools where there is more applying than accepted?

Is there are way to go from BSN-Master's right away or is the experience necessary in between programs.

I dont mean to sound stupid, but it is something we have been wondering about. Any info would be great :)




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Let me see if I can help...I'm not sure about Frontier but the Institute of Midwifery, Women and Health in Philadelphia strongly encourage a year of experience although it is not a requirement. A BSN is not required, but have a bachelors in some discipline is. You will also have to take either a Miller Analogy Test (MAT) or Graduate Record Exam(GRE) if you do not already have a masters or phd.

I have several friends who are graduates of Frontier and are very successful CNMs. They have all voiced pros and cons of the program, which is par for about anything.

I applaud you for your interest and hope you attain your dreams!

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