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hi, im registered in new york but i want to work in new jersey what do i do?


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I am licensed in three states. Write to the state board of nursing where you want to get a license and request they send you the necessary paperwork to get a license by reciprocity. they will send you forms, some of which you will have to send to the state you are currently licensed in. You will have to pay a fee to the state you are licensed in, probably twenty five bucks or so for copies of the forms the new state needs. You will have to get a photo made and send all the completed paperwork and too much money to the new state and once it is all done, about six weeks, you will get a new license from the new state. Meanwhile, your old license is still good. I am licensed in IN, KY and TN. That's how it worked there. Just takes dollars and patience! :0)


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I second KaroSnowQueen's advice - I am registered in MA, DC, and KY. Different states have different req's, but you can often find them on the internet. Just look up the State Board of Nursing.


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while im waiting will i be able to get a job in new jersey?


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I have OH and KY licenses. KY allowed me to practice nursing on a "temporary work permit" while i waited for the paperwork to come back.


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