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All right I have some questions...I am a new nurse who would love to work in L&D however as a result of the economy and nurses loving their jobs to much that will not be happening for a while. My question then is what will help me get a job in that in the future? ie. what looks good on a resume? and/or what will help me prepare for it? I have seen the organization that useful? I saw that the membership comes with a few magazines. Any other ideas would be appreciated. I guess I have lots of time to think these things over cause I still do not have a normal nursing job yet...unfortuantly everywhere the economy is terrible...but I think MI is one of the top places :-/ None the less when I am ready to apply (and be taken seriously for) a L&D job I want to have as much advantage over other applicants as possible. Any ideas would be great!

Mind you I have started applying for L&D jobs (amoung others) already but I am not even given a 2nd look (as in I get a persuing other canidates email pretty much by the next day!)


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I'm in a similar situation..have you considered training as a doula or midwifery school? I realize that's not working as an l and d nurse ..I am hoping to start precepting with a midwife , it's not paid work but I'm hoping it will get that 'leg' up when jobs open up

good luck


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Precepting with a midwife to become a midwife? Or just for experience? I seen a few things about looks good but I think I want to wait to work in l&d to do that. So they can coincide.

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