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I am currently an LPN with 2 more classes to complete my RN. I have been looking for different jobs. The majority want someone with a years experience- I just finished LPN school. My other optioni s home health care. I would rather perfect my skills in a setting where I can ask question and learn. Does anyone have any ideas about how or where to find a job?????


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Hi Monica F, I went to nursing school in Wichita and worked in the SICU at Wesley and in the OR at St. Francis. I did most of my clinicals at St. Joseph. If you want to be a crna, I would suggest getting some critical care experience, preferably an SICU. Please E-Mail me and I can tell you all about the units I've worked in. Its great to hear from a fellow Kansan! cool.gif I now live in Colorado. ([email protected]) or click on the icon above to get my profile and e-mail address.


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what is your email address?


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Monica, If you are interested in critical care, this is still a highly in demand area. Although a large percentage of hosptals ask for experience, many are offering new grads an internship in critical care; both clinical and academic training. If your GPA was 3.0 or better, chances are you can talk yourself into a slot in a program like this. Good luck!

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