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Im a new grad RN who self reported on my state boards about previous substance abuse treatment. I entered our monitoring program instead of being investigated and have been monitored for close to a year now. 
I have just now started looking for a job, found one I really want to work and was extended an offer that I accepted. 
I mentioned on my application that I had a controlled substance restriction for 6 months under my monitoring contract and made the manager aware of my agreement and past history. 
I was progressing through the hiring process and about to submit to the background check when the recruiter needed to get his legal department involved and I mentioned sharing my order of agreement again (as I was told to do) and sent it his way. Im not surprised that the legal department is involved and I answered all the questions they asked and provided reasoning why I was in the VDAP program. 
I just got off the phone with them and it seems like they are going to make a decision if they are going to continue with the offer they made me or retract it based on the info I provided and the contract I sent.

I feel like I did everything I was supposed to and they still seemed blindsided. This hospital is known for being very accommodating to nurses with substance abuse hx and I don't know if its just a new recruiter or what but I still feel like I did something wrong. I really loved the unit and Im afraid of not getting hired on now.


In monitoring and looking for jobs, be prepared to be told NO, even after you are told you have the job. When you get a job, you get it with 2 Groups Approval.  The first 1 is the recruiter/nursing department and the 2nd one is sometimes the show stopper and this is the Risk Management dept. The nursing dept will often say yes, we will hire you and plans to, but the human resources/risk management Division says no. This is not uncommon for nurses in recovery looking for jobs. It happened to me twice. I placed 37 job applications and 2 out of those 35 planned to hire me and their risk management dept said no. On attempt 38, I got hired and got through the risk management dept. 

When you are applying for jobs, absolutely Flood the marked eith applications. Don't do 2 or 3, think it terms of 10 applications at a time. If you don't get this job, look at dialysis, community health type clinics, plasma centers, and Dept of Corrections.

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