Getting a job as a brand new RN?



I am going to be finished with nursing school in 2 years but I am really worried about getting a job afterwards.

There are almost 30 hospitals on Long Island and I will be applying to as many jobs as possible when the time comes, however I am really worried because today I went on a few of the hospitals websites and looked at RN Career opportunities, and almost all the job openings were "EXPERIENCED RN" for all the RN jobs.

Is it really hard to get a job as a new RN? I am currently not working in the medical field anymore (I only worked in it for one year and had to quit for full time nursing school) so I will not have any nursing experience under my belt once I graduate.

I am starting to panic because not only will I be very eager to start working but I will have a ton of loans I will need to start paying off once I am done with school .:(

Do you know about how the job market is for new RN's fresh out of college? Any advice?

Thanks in advance.


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Look into the "First Year" grad market is TOUGH! Also, you may have missed seeing the new grad residency programs that are offered.

Some places have them, some don't. It's important to know the hospitals that do and network with individuals who can help you get hired. There are new grad nurses waiting 12 or more months for a job. Then they become old "new grads"...basically stale in a market where there are always fresh grads. The market is saturated indeed. Best of luck in your pursuits!


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Job market is super tough for new grads especially in NJ/NY area. My recommendation is to start networking DURING your clinicals. That's how I got my job as a new grad. I emailed a nurse manager on a unit where I completed one of my last clinicals and I was scheduled an interview and quickly offered the job BEFORE it was even posted! Obviously this means that you need to make a great impression during clinicals, ask about the facility and about potential job opportunities. Be interested in them first, then they may get some interest in you!

Also, WORK as a tech, nursing assistant or anything NOW in the setting you want to be in as a nurse. Again, if you make a good impression, your fellow colleagues who are also nurses, hiring managers, etc. can serve as excellent recommendations, references and maybe help you land your first RN job. Network, network, network. Simply applying online will get you NO WHERE. (Take it from someone who sent apps to about 50-60 positions in 2 months!). Hopefully in 2 years, the market will get better for you!


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Around here ADN and BSN graduates have no problem finding a job immediately after the NCLEX. It will depend on where you live. Just focus on getting through school and becoming a nurse and you will find a job eventually, regardless of where you are.