getting a job again after almost 2 years


I have seen this question asked before, but still dont know the right answer. Ive been out of work for almost 2 years. I was taken off for medical reasons, wasnt cleared to return in a timely fashion and was terminated. Not my fault, I asked to be released but was denied. Anyway, I am better (ish) now and have been putting my experience on my resume and not getting any response. I was employed for 5 months but was still on orientation when I was taken off.

Can I leave this off my resume? I was never on my own but I was employed and did get paid. Im worried that potential employers will see this information on my background check and question why I chose not to include this on the application.

This my first and only job as an RN.

Also, I wasnt technically terminated for several months after I went on leave, if I do have to include this, would my "end date" be the last day I actually worked, or the date that I was officially terminated?