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So, I just registered with this site as was recommended by a coworker. I am getting pretty close to the FCCA and CPNE. Just registered for my last two courses before the FCCA and to be honest, I'm hearing/reading more and more about the CPNE and it pretty well has freaked me out. My two new courses don't start until 5/5/14. Any recommended resources, links, or any suggestions on what I can start studying for the CPNE until I start my courses in May? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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First, don't let stories about the CPNE freak you out. There will always been negative stories out there, but this is YOUR exam, YOUR weekend, and YOU are in control of your own preparation.

Second, I wouldn't generally recommend starting to study for the CPNE until you are eligible and have applied already. CPNE study tends to be a very all-consuming process, and splitting it up or not being able to focus on it 100% is kind of counterproductive. But since you do have a bit of time to fill, it wouldn't hurt to start gathering your practice materials and/or looking at workshops. Workshops are best done when you've read the study guide and are familiar with the areas of care already, but workshops such as Sheri Taylor's (online and in-person, CPNE Workshop - CPNE - Excelsior CPNE) have some resources you might be able to tap into sooner. Normally I would tell you to wait, but that is a good chunk of time to let it go to waste. But be aware that once you apply for the CPNE, it can take something like 4-6 months to actually go for your weekend.

The scariest thing about the CPNE is the "unknown" factor. You don't know much about the mechanics of it right now, but you'll have it all down cold by the time your weekend rolls around! Good luck. :)


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I would avoid reading the CPNE journals of people who didn't pass. It seems like all it did was bring me down and I felt hopeless. I passed my first try in Albany(read my journal on here) with a lot of preparation you can definitely pass the first time. Take advantage of a workshop and buy the skills bag and practice those skills daily.As for the fcca. Take it seriously. There is not much I can say about it because of it's academic policies but take your time on the quizzes and re-read before you select an answer. Those classes are an all or nothing final exam grade but you have to pass weekly quizzes in order to get to the final. Hope that helps a little. Good luck!


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I am nearing the CPNE as well. I have only the 3 lifespan classes to pass, one of which I am studying for now. I am getting nervous as well, but I know that I can do this. It's just a matter of being prepared, which there is plenty of time to do since the waiting list is so long. I'm planning on taking an in-person workshop as well while I"m waiting for a date which I'm sure will help with my nerves. If you can afford some kind of workshop, I'd recommend it.


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I passed 3 months ago in atlanta. I definitely recommend a workshop. I took cpne bootcamp. We got to practiced labs, areas of cares and careplans all 3 days. She criquites all her students. You should look into it.

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