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Hi everyone,

I just got my final grade for A&P I this morning after taking my final last night. Needless to say, I am very disappointed. My final grade is 79.2%. I am 0.08 points away from a B. Where I live, B's are the lowest grade accepted for BSN programs, so although it isn't a problem with my ADN program, it's definitely going to be one when I'm looking to get into a RN to BSN program. I'm confident in my understanding of the subject, but my professor's exams were killer and the only people who got B's were the ones who got A's in lab. I had a B in the class until I got a low C on my final last night. I can't repeat the class this coming semester because all of the classes are closed now, but I am registered for A&P II and I guess I'll just take that and then have to retake A&P I the following semester.

Anyone have any similar experiences? This is my lowest grade ever... prior to this my lowest grade was a B+ and my GPA is now going to be about a 3.8 with the C+ factored in, so that is something positive. I'm just feeling down and looking for advice/to hear from others who've had to repeat the class as well. I appreciate it in advance!


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A few things. I guess every school in each state assigns different GPA points per grade, but where I am from 80 (which is 0.08 from your earned grade of 79.2) is a B -, not even a B. Also, even with that C+ your overall GPA is 3.8? I guess it is great, but still have no idea how it is calculated in your state. In any event, make sure that the school you will be applying to accepts retakes. Also, find out if your school looks at overall GPA, or only science GPA. Finally, apply to both ADN and BSN programs, just to get yourself in.


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Yeah, I have 90 credits. I saved my sciences for last before I go into the nursing program. Before this C+, the lowest grade I ever received was a B+ in my first semester of college after I had been out of school for about a decade, so my GPA is only going to go down a little bit thankfully.

Great point about finding out if they accept retakes. Unfortunately there are only 2 BSN programs in my area and one of them requires that all sciences have to be taken at a 4 year university and at least a B, and the other states they want at least a 3.2 overall GPA (which really boils down to much higher than that to be competitive) and at least a B in all sciences. I appreciate your input!