Getting ADN from Excelsior make it hard to get in NP program?

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I am a LPN student who is graduating December. I am looking at excelsior for my LPN-RN transition. I am excited at the aspect of earning my ADN totally online, minus the CPNE, but am worried that the degree would not look as good as going to a typical local college, with normal clinicals etc. After completing my RN from wherever, I plan on applying directly to FNP program utilizing my previous BA to bypass BSN requirement. I am concerned that a degree from Excelsior College may reflect poorly on me when applying to the NP program, and was curious if anyone had any experience with this situation. My ultimate goal is definitely NP, and I don't want to ruin my chances getting into a program by attending Excelsior. Any info is helpful!


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My friend, to whom I introduced the Excelsior program, became an NP recently after completing the EC program. Saw their name on the website, not in touch, so I can't ask her. Doubt very much that there was ever any problem.


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I do not have personal experience with this, but during my LPN clinicals I met an RN who did exactly this. She had completely excelsior and is currently finishing NP school. She goes to a very reputable University in the area and did not seem to have any problems. She stated she previously had a BA and entered via the BSN/MSN program. So that certainly encouraged me in my pursuit. Hope this helps.

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