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Getting accepted into an accelerated BSN program


I will be starting pre-reqs next month and will be applying to an accelerated BSN program in January. I have read on various posts that some were rejected by certain schools, despite having a high GPA. When I spoke with my advisor, she informed me that it could take 1-3 years to get in, depending on how many actually apply to the program. I have an MBA and my GPA for that program was a 3.4 I believe. My overall GPA is probably more like a 3.0.

Do some schools have different requirements at getting accepted? The school I'm applying to I believe has 30 available seats. Some years, more than 40-50 apply.

yedwards42, BSN, MSN

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Hi ~ I'm not sure what state you're in, though your GPA sounds good (being one component of your application). I'm here in Northern California and the school I applied (accelerated BSN) looks at all facets of your background. Meaning, GPA, TEAS score (above 75%), excellent writing skills/essays, volunteer experience at a hospital or clinic is a major plus, additional working experience in healthcare is also very helpful, reference letters, and resume. I was accepted into an accelerated BSN program (starts next month) having put efforts into each of the application components, including healthcare and volunteer experience. Good luck to you in preparation and acceptance!