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Getting in to an Accelerated BSN program


Hi All,

I'm preparing to put my application in to a few schools in the Boston area (Curry, MGH, UMass Boston, MCPHS-Worcester). I've been reading all the postings regarding the competitiveness of admissions into these programs and I'm really starting to worry (as I'm sure many of you can relate to). I'm hoping some of you who have been through this process already can share your thoughts on my chances of acceptance into one of these programs.

I have a BS in Microbiology with a 3.05 GPA. I have a MS in Regulatory Affairs with a 3.96 GPA. I have 10 years experience in the biopharma industry.

My Physiology and Microbiology prerequisites are expired for some of the programs (graduated from URI in 2003) but my main science course grades are are as follows:

Anatomy: A (Lecture) / A (Lab)

Physiology: B- (Lecture) / A (Lab)

Microbiology: B+ (Lecture) / A (Lab)

Statistics: B-

Nutrition: A

Chemistry: B (Lecture) / A (Lab)

= 3.4 Prereq GPA

I guess my main questions would be:

1) Are these grades/GPA are good enough to get me into a program?

2) Will my Masters degree help my chances at all or do they just look at undergrad GPA?

3) Is it worth the money to retake any of these courses to boost the grade?

4) Any other words of advice?

I really appreciate any input anyone can offer.

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Hi I'm also in the same boat as you...well kind of. I'm applying to some of those schools also (turning in my MGH app this wednesday!). My cumulative GPA is 3.1 and I have a prereq GPA of 3.6. I don't have any formal work experience but I have been volunteering at a hospital for sometime now. i don't really think that retaking any classes will boost your GPA that much more. I think retaking classes is more for people with C's because the difference is more dramatic them going from a B+ to an A. I think schools really like diversity and it looks like you have had a lot of other experiences that could be valuable to nursing. Well those are my two cents but I'd also like some advice from people in the program. My big concern is: Will being from California hurt me?

Hi PequeSD,

Thanks for the insight! I'm in CA too actually. I moved out here to CA from MA in 2004 and am looking to move back to MA for school. I would assume that the majority of these private schools aren't as concerned with where you're from as say a public school might be. I would think the private schools are more interested in enrolling the most qualified candidates, regardless of where they are coming from....but I could be wrong. Good luck with everything!!!