Get to watch an autopsy!!!

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i just spoke to the medical examiner for my county and told her that i was a student nurse and would like to oberve and autopsy! she was very nice and said that there was no problem!! she is going to have her assistant call me when one becomes available that i can watch. she is going to wait until after my "killer week" next week. my a&p professor is very excited and would like me to call him to see if he is available to go also. i'm so excited!! what an opportunity!!!


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How exciting. When I was in A&P, we tried to talk our instructor into getting us in to see one. Unfortunately, we live in a small, rural area and there are none done locally. She had arranged for one of her classes to view one once and the medical examiner called to cancel because it was a person that had drowned and had been in the water for quite some time and he thought it best for them not to see that. Then, another time the person was from our town and many of the students knew her so that was out. From then on, the class never did the autopsy thing. I'm not morbid, just curious. You'll have to tell me all about it when you go!;)


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I think that would be neat to do and i will try to do it as well, but most of ours go to Little Rock so we shall see. I have a cousin who went to school to be a mortician...she liked it even though she doesn't practice....she told stories though uuughh


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If anyone is interested in observing and autopsy, just get in touch with your county medical examiners office. Tell them who you are, give them a number to verify that you are a student nurse, and then give them your phone number to contact you when one is available. You'll have to be prepared to go on a seconds notice (I've already told my instructor's that I may have to miss a class because of this, and they were fine with it).

I'm hoping that the doc will let me be involved in it in some small way also. I'm really excited and think it will really help me with A&P II, since that is all systems (cardiac, digestive etc).

Anyway, I'll let you all know how it goes. I will be at least a week because of all of the exams I have next week!!!!

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