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i have put in applications, and it has been 2 weels now and i haven't heard anything. is it wise, to contact the specific nursing unit that i want to get the job and speak with their nurse manager? or should i keep bugging Human resources?

i just go my RN license on july i am getting kind of impatient here.


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Others may disagree with me, but I would not hesitate to contact the nursing manager. As I wanted a specific job upon graduation, I took it upon myself to call. However, you must do it very tactfully. I introduced myself, explaining that I was graduating and very interested in any open positions that they may have, asking for information. I also asked (and received) chances to shadow a nurse in each of the units.

I feel that directly contacting the manager gave me several advantages - the manager knew my name and face, knew I was interested and willing to do a little more work for the job than the average applicant, and I got a good feel for the work environment. Shadowing really helped come time for interviewing as I was better able to formulate questions. In the end, I got the job I wanted and feel very good about it.

Good Luck!!


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if it's anything like my HR dept. call them or go by there!!! Be nice! our HR dept takes the longest to get back to folks.....


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FOLLOW UP!!! MY app was "lost" between HR and the OB dept. YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW UP to be sure it was processed at all. Also, it shows you are SERIOUSLY interested in a position. Learn now to be assertive in all you do; you will need this skill for any area of nursing and OB is NO different. Good luck.


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Oh my!! YEs, persist and be SO enthused about your love to be in the OB department, that you leave an unforgettable impression. I wouldn't wait too long. Your keeping in touch just shows that you are really interested and sincere, which is what will put you in the front of the manager's mind when it comes to interviews and recalls. Let us know!!!! Good luck!

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