how to get into CRNA school


Hello all you SCRNAs! I know that CRNA school is very competitive, so I was wondering if anyone could share their stats/grades/experience that got you into a program or didn't get you into a program. I know everywhere is different, but it would help to see how some of you all did it.


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CRNA Schools also has a lot of great information regarding pretty much every accredited program in the country. This will help if you have a certain school in mind because it lists entrance requirements, application deadlines, and cost of attendance.


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I think it is best not to focus on the qualifications of others who gained acceptance. Instead, it would be more valuable for you to focus on what the schools you plan to apply to like to see in an applicant. The thread and website mentioned in previous responses to your post should prove helpful to you. I personally used the website ( a lot. But, I will caution you that all the information listed on that site is not 100% accurate. Don't hesitate to contact the school directly and ask them questions, they are your most accurate source for information regarding their programs. Hope this helps (I think it should be more helpful than simply listing my GPA, experience, credentials,...)