if i do not get into ADN, good to apply LPN?


hi, i have all the pre-req,and i applied to ADN program and LPN program.

my gpa is 3.38 and teas score is 78.8

seems like with my gpa, it is hard to get in.

is it better for me to take more classes to apply for BSN? however, it is not guranttee that i can get in because it is very competative.

so my backup plan was LPN.

if i take LPN program, can i apply for bridge program after i finished with the program? how long usually take for license? and after i got my license, i can apply to ADN bridge program?

this way is more easier to get into program but seems like it takes longer.

i am wondering what will be good for me?

Definitely a longer route. And the bridge program at my school o ly allowed for takibg the first semester off, which doesnt save much time. Actually it didnt save any time because you still had to wait for the 2nd semester to begin to start school. Which i also dont suggest. But youll get a lot of experience with how these programs work if youve done one already. I personally wouldn't and just apply everywhere instead but do what seems right for you. Plenty of people have started as lpns/cnas/medics/respiratory to get a foot in