German Nurse want toEndorse NM liscense to CA liscense


Hi my fellow nurses and becomeing nurses :)

I`m having a lil problem here. I want to endorse my current valid New Mexico Liscense to a CA liscense. The instructions that the CA BON give are confusing to me.

Is there any nurse from Germany that went through this problem before? If you can help me please contact me.

My 1. problem: Requesting the transcripts.

- If I sent the copies from CGFNS to the CA BON do they still need Transcripts from my school?

- If yes what should the transcripst content? Because we don´t have transcripts in Germany for nursing school.

2. Problem: TOFEL

- Do I´ve to send my test results to the CA BON?

3. Educational breakdown

- What exactaly do the mean with course description for the surgical and medical part to show evidence of geriatric content in these nursing areas?

Please help. I want to have some answers fist before I call the CA BON and make a fool out of my self.

Thank u very much

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CA do their own assessment so you need to check with them that they will accept stuff from CGFNS, if they do then you shouldn't have to send your transcripts

Unless you are applying for a Interim permit as far as I am aware they do not require English exams

Do you have a SSN because CA will no longer accepts applications without a SSN?