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it has been a LONG time since I posted and introduced myself. That was still back in Berlin, Germany. But age and family haven't changed ;) So I scored 115/120 on the TOEFL language test, :)did get the CGFNS squared away, passed NCLEX the first time around and got my BLS and ACLS.:yeah:

So now everyone is telling me that I need professional references. :uhoh3:Well, with 5 years of experience, I have letters of reference from former employers, but coworkers? Not that they wouldn't be willing, but they feel that their English skills aren't sufficient to communicate in this matter, plus there is the 9hr time difference.... and they are working in a rotating 3-shift system.

I did work as a Unit Secretary and Monitor Tech in the US in the late '80 and early '90 and have letters of reference for those as well. ;)

I wish I could somehow get past those electronic application systems for someone to look at me and my references. Not only for the sake of employment, but even further advice is greatly appreciated. :twocents:Maybe there is the opportunity to volunteer on a unit..... I miss my work. I would be so grateful for any suggestions.:idea:

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I would contact the Nurse Managers for the units you want to work. They have a way of allowing you to put in an application without all that run around from Human Resources.



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Thank you so much Dee,:)

Thought about it briefly, but didn't dare doing. As the saying goes.... when in Rome do as the Romans do.....:D

Btw, I have an interview next Tue. Do people really wear suits for interviews when it is a 100 deg+ outside? :confused: Someone said dressed casual would be ok. Dressed casual= slacks+blouse?:coollook:

Thanks again,