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German Nurse in Arizona - CP or CES?

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Hello everyone!

I'm a German nurse and I'm planning to move out to Arizona to live with my boyfriend. Now there are a lot of tests and requirements to pass first - I'm already working on the English certificate (planning on taking the TOEFL in summer) and do a lot of NCLEX practice tests (you learn much more than we do here in Germany!), but the first thing is: CGNFS! And that's where the confusion starts, I don't know if I need to go through the Certificate Program (CP) to get the possibility to attend the NCLEX in AZ or if the CES would be enough. I contacted the AZSBN but didn't get an answer on my emails yet and only a mailbox on the phone. The website says CP or CES, CGNFS says CP but I should contact the AZSBN first to be sure - well, I tried :D

Maybe somebody knows the answer? :)

Second question is: Am I right that I can only apply for the Visa Screen AFTER I passed the CGNFS and NCLEX? I read in a German forum that the VS combines the CGNFS/NCLEX application and the Visum application - but I guess that's a misunderstanding?

Thanks a lot for your help and have a great day!


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