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I saw once a program for home study to earn a specialty license in geriatrics but now I can't find it? Does anyone know of such a program and where I can find the info?


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There is the Gerontological Nurse certification for the RN thru ANCC. Also there is the Certified Long Term Care for the LPN. The RN signs her name then RNC whereas the LPN, I believe uses LPN, CLTC. Your DON should have the information on how to contact the correct certification board.


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i too am looking for whatever this course is through the ancc for cltc-- does anyone have any idea as to where i can find some information regarding certification in long term care? i checked with my don and administrator and also staff development coordinator-- no one seems to know anything-- can someone help-- have been lpn in long term care for 17 years + and am beginning to feel stagnant-- i thought something like this just might give the boost i need-- thanks-- tigger2sassy


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Here are a few sites that can provide certification info or links.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks, I'll check these sites out.

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