Wound care - page 2

A resident who has a pressure ulcer,stage 4 with tunneling, the facility has been treating it for a year before my arrival. It gets a little better, then a little worse. A maddening roller coaster.... Read More

  1. by   ChainedChaosRN
    Started using Arginaid a couple of years ago. I've seen some amazing responses. Our wound doc automatically puts anyone with decubs on it now.
  2. by   Nursenan0
    We are using the arginaid....just got word from our PT department that starting april 1st the resident will be eligible for us to try E-stim for him....How wonderful our system is, to allow him to wait another 2 months for extra help just because of the almighty $$$$$!!!
  3. by   baseline
    I don't do wound care myself, but work with 2 wound care nurses. The VAC is a wonderful little gizmo by all reports for the right wounds.
  4. by   deegal.lpn
    arginaid is great when used with vitC and zinc. And the proper drsg/tx. heals stage 4 great.