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SCENE SET-UP: Unit 1 = 60 Residents, 2 LPNs, 1 RN, 4 CNAs. Split into two halls.. TIME: 10:30pm (30 minutes before shift change) RN setting at desk, LPN #1 charting restocking cart, LPN #2... Read More

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    Thanks for the update.
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    Perhaps you should send this thread anonymously to your DON and RN and LPN1.

    That firing is ridiculous!
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    Quote from Christine Cameron-Do
    Discipline the RN, warnings to LPNS, fire the pharm doc. He's clearly incompetent. Waiting 6 HOURS for meds, and they're still not there?
    That's what I was going to say! It's very curious to me why the nurse was on the phone with the pharmacy for 40 minutes. Seems to me that either the pharmacist is really dense or she was repeatedly put on hold while he phone tagged the PCP. I go bonkers when I'm on hold for more than three minutes.
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    While no one should have been fired, as the RN and therefore the supervisor it is my fault. Period. As I accept the higher pay I accept the higher responsibility. I can't imagine walking out on such a scenario without having made certain that I had dotted the is and crossed the ts.
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    I'm still trying to find the words to respond to this. Obviously I can't type in what I said when I first read the outcome, AN would have banned me until I disinfected my PC!

    Right; deep breath.

    The RN was responsible for what happened on her shift. This has been pointed out repeatedly in other posts, and for that reason she should have been taken through the disciplinary process.

    LPN#1 carries no blame that I can see, so it makes sense that she was not written up.

    LPN#2 did not prioritize and should have handed over the phone either to the RN or LPN#1; this is an issue that calls for counseling, possibly a written warning and possibly in-service training regarding time management. It is not a firing matter and I really hope that some of the Union firebrands pick up on this thread. As for family members dictating who shall be fired.... And now here's a good nurse with small children to support kicked out of her job because family demanded it? Polite words fail me.

    Pharm doc receives a prescription signed by an MD; if I take a prescription to a pharmacy which the pharmacist cannot read, he or she contacts the prescribing doctor and queries it. It is not my job to clarify it, it is the pharmacist's responsibility to make that call. So why wasn't that call made 6 hours previously?

    OP, I hope your (now former) colleague lands on her feet. If she can just find other work, she's probably well shot of that place anyway.
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    Quote from Finallydidit
    WOW lots of replies while I was at work...
    So the outcome was LPN #2 got fired as it was her patient PERIOD!
    RN and LPN # 1 didn't even get a write up

    No I am not part of the group, I work on the other unit, and she was/is a great nurse and she was really trying to satisfy the new admits family, The reason it was taking so long to get the narcs is it was unclear on the hard script if it was oxycodone, or oxycotin. (looked like oxycod and the D was crossed, followed by a scribble) So therefore she pharmacy wouldn't give permission to pull from the back-up box, and wouldn't send meds without a faxed hard script. Family was furious to say the least, and I agree RN should have been handling that from the get go.

    RN did do transfer papers and talk to EMS, SO one would think that EMS would have known the reason for the transfer. But she didn't call the ER and give report.

    The Resident was fine no injury, no blood, just an unwitnessed fall with head hitting the floor... Protocal is that they have to be sent out.

    As far as the family and the DON appeasing them... Its all local polotics nuff said!

    LPN #2 is going to school now for her RN has an 8 yr old to support and is now jobless, and unlikely to find another job that will work with her school sched. and I just feel really bad for her. She really thought the RN would take care of the transfer and paperwork.

    I guess the lesson is as we have all been told many many times


    LPN # 2 was in a no win situation. I feel so bad for her. I don't agree with the outcome, not one bit. I don't think I'd agree with any outcome from this situation but this seems particularly unfair.
    Thanks for the update.
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    Quote from imintrouble
    LPN # 2 was in a no win situation. I feel so bad for her. I don't agree with the outcome, not one bit. I don't think I'd agree with any outcome from this situation but this seems particularly unfair.
    Thanks for the update.
    Totally agree with this. When the supervising RN took charge of the situation LPN#2 thought she was covered, but as in many similar cases, she was proved wrong. She was clearly scapegoatted, and all involved should learn from her misfortune.
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    Always, always CYA and never trust management and families!!! Trust me, when **** hits the fan, they will want your blood!!! It doesn't matter who is at fault!!
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    Its obvious by your account that the RN basically took charge of the transfer. As the RN, and supervisor she should have made sure the transfer was complete which includes a report called to the ER especially with a possible head trauma. She also should have documented the assessment and the transfer, and waited until lpn 2 got off the phone to give her a report on what was done with her resident. The RN could have delegated some of this to the LPN that was assisting, but still should have followed up to make sure everything was done before she left. In the long term care setting the RN is always the supervisor, and unless someone with more authority was present and involved the buck stops with the RN.
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    By the way, I also agree that no one should be fired in this case, but absoulutely use this for some education/refresher teaching on transfers and protocol, and the importance of follow up, follow up, follow up!
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    I know that this is an old post. I just wanted to comment on how sad that LPN#2 got fired. I agree that nobody should have been fired over this. A good idea to have a staff meeting and see what can be done to improve the mistakes made. I hope the LPN was at least able to collect unemployment.
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    I find it amazing that the family of a resident with no injury demanded someone be fired............

    I'll bet they're more trouble than their "business" is worth too.