What should i do????new LPN!!

  1. I am a new LPN Graduate that has been working at a sub acute facility in NJ as a CNA for about 6 months while finishing school. I passed my nclex and now i am confuse as to where to work.
    My job had told me prior to me passing the nclex that i can work per diem or part time,, now that i havemy results they say full time or nothing at all.
    I really would like to work at a hospital full time. I interviewd for a med surg position at a hospital that i did most of my clinicals and i am sure i will be hired they just need me to be bls certified which i am in the process of getting done. This hospital hire new grad lpn med surg full time only.
    I really refuse to settle but i need to start working soon and i dont have a set date this hospital will call me back.
    PROBLEM NUMBER TWO. the largest hospital in the state had offered me a position a few weeks back but they need the physical copy of the liscence which i will recieve soon they want to hire me for psych, i love psych but not for full time as a new grad so i am thinking about doing it per diem until this hospital calls me, what do you guys think? is it doable for a new grad to work a full time 40 hrsmed surg and a per diem psych ?i am very confuse? and do you think i should still givemy job a resignation even though they made me have to choose?
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  3. by   santhony44
    Definitely give your current job a formal resignation and keep the tone professional. Don't burn any bridges, you never know who you'll run into in the future. (I live 1200 miles from where I went to school and know at least four other people who went to school there as well). It doesn't hurt to say something nice like "I learned a lot from working in your facility and from the staff there " and that's never a lie, even if you learned what not to do!

    And I would not be shocked if they were to re-think their full-time-or-nothing stand and agree to some per diem.

    Good luck!