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If you want a good laugh, go and read the description of your LTC facility when they are trying to hire nurses. What a bunch of BS. Why don't they just be honest about it and show a photo of a nurse... Read More

  1. by   iceprincess492
    I have worked in LTC my entire career - almost 20 years and have been fortunate to never work in a "bad" one. I am now the DON of a very busy SNF and encourage prospective employees or residents to view the nursing home compare website - as I am very proud of our results. My nurses are VERY busy - they have some good days and they also have some bad days. I feel lucky every day to work with such an excellent group of nurses and do my best to assure that they are given the resources necessary to do their jobs. I read a lot of posts on AN and wonder why LTC gets such a bad rap?? Seems to me that the posts from acute care nurses are also for the most part very negative about their work environments and the care that they are able to provide d/t staffing problems. I think there are many good LTC facilities and unfortunately probably and equal amout of not so good ones. However, from my experience there are also many good acute care facilities and a pretty equal amt of not so good ones....Just sayin.
  2. by   multi10
    A problem with many LTCs is the lack of infrastructure. LTCs are admitting sicker patients yet there is no wall suction, wall 02, etc. The nurses have to use portable machines and set up before the patient arrives. But the equipment room where these live is disorganized and there is no rhyme or reason to finding what you need. Then, you triumphantly find the pieces of the puzzle, put them all together, and ...Voila! The machine doesn't work. It's broken. Also there is no crash cart and the defibrillator is broken. Aargh!!
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