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I'm gonna be honest. I've been a nurse(LVN) for about 6 months and almost already ready to forget it. I've only got 2 more classes to get in an RN program too. But I'm so frustrated. My first job... Read More

  1. by   RNadvocate
    well management definitely needs to value nursing care more than they do now, but I'm sure staffing ratios makes a difference. Fewer errors, more assessment time. But you shouldn't be mistreated because you are new. And we have to stick together! are your co-workers supportive?
  2. by   ltcrn1997
    We have an LPN on 7-3 who can do no wrong. She continuously changes med times to nights if she doesn't like the residen. Our staffing is for no more than 40 to 1 nurse. I have 2 halls and when they are full, I have 32 residents. Some nights I have a lot of free time and other nights I run all night. Fortunately right now there are no peg tubes, IV's or dressing changes. I give 22 residents medication in the morning out of 32. I have to start between 445 and 5 am. I have been there 6 years and there is a lot to deal with but it can be done. The other nurse and I on my unit work together and she helps me when she is finished. A couple of reasons are work nights: my husband snores too bad and I can't sleep, and when I graduated from RN school at 44, I figured I couldn't hurt anyone who was sleeping.