State Need Their Own Office At My Facility

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    I am still in orientation at my new facility and everything is going well. I is a big difference from the facility I had to leave due to orientation problems, lack of support and unsafe working conditions. I heard from the nurses that the facility that I'm at now ALWAYS have surprise visits from STATE. I walked in the building yesterday and guess what, state was in on a patient complaint. I was told they are called in often by resident complaints usually every couple of months. This worries me, even though I don't have to pass meds when they are there and I was told by other new nurses that they are very supportive when it comes to State, this makes me nervous because I know I won't be in orientation forever. Is this common to have STATE in a facility so regular b/c of patient complaints, is this a RED flag, should I try to find another job or is this common. I heard a couple of people got wrote up. How can I cover myself when it comes to patient complaints. The nurse began to tell me all of the residents who tend to call state. How is this possible that residents and continue to call state and people acturally get written up? Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   NebbyLPN
    I worked in nursing homes for years. There are some patients who are troublemakers and will call the state to make a complaint at the drop of a hat. It doesn't mean your in trouble. The state has to investigate every claim. Just don't get into any arguments with these patients who like to make complaints because it gives them a reason in their minds to start up trouble. Start out by getting on there good side.
  4. by   CoffeeRTC
    yes...what NebbyLPN said, but why are there so many complaints? What is the facility doing to meet the resident or family's needs? There will always be complaints, many not substatiated (sp), but it is the way in which the residents are dealt with. You can check the surveys on line.