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  1. by   mondk
    Hey all. I've worked in 3 different facilities and this is what has worked. One facility I worked in had an inservice each payday and couldn't pick up your check til after the inservice. The facility I work in now, has an excellent plan. They advertise the inservice on the first day of the mo. with the same inservice offered at 3 different days throughout the month and videotape the first inservice, then replay the tapes for the others; they try to gear the times for all 3 shifts but they make it mandatory that you have to attend one of the 3 meetings offered. If you miss then you get a verbal warning. If you miss like 6 in a year or something, you are automatically terminated. If for some reason you have to work during all the hours offered, then the DON sets up a time good for you to view the tape and sign the sheet. I think this is an excellent way to encourage attendance; if you show the employees you are willing to work with their always-busy schedules, you still have their attendance and yet keep them happy at the same time. Just my opinion!!! mondk