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I know this is always a hot topic here but I wanted to share a new policy set forth by my company this month. My company is a nation wide chain 300+ homes. In their new policy book it states... Read More

  1. by   mother/babyRN
    I figure I work at my facility and I sleep on my own time. This happens rarely where I work, but there is at least one person I notice every once in awhile when the census is low...That is on the odd occasion that we don't float, and in her case, has only been a head down on the desk for a couple minutes. As the charge nurse, I will ask her to go lie down on call...She usually refuses, and the issue is solved...I haven't run into actually sleeping people, except in maintenance and security at the same facility...THAT scares me....Almost as much...
  2. by   catlady
    I worked nights--mostly 12 hr shifts--for a long time. Twice in all those years I was so tired I had to beg to be allowed to go put my head down, or I would have passed out.

    I think if you go off the unit to a private area where you're not going to be observed, and you stick strictly to your break time, it's no different than going to the cafeteria for lunch. Otherwise, I don't go for sleeping on duty, at all.
  3. by   rebel_red
    Originally posted by GAstudent

    Where I work now in LTC and on night shift we have an entire hall to ourself and have to do three rounds, we have to stock all bathrooms, stock all carts, pass out ensure, blood sugars, etc. We have so much to do that we could never have time to sit down and even think of watching tv. We don't have a tv in our break room but we do in the class room and pt sitting room. I am almost shocked to hear some places do this and can get away with it. I think that there is so much more to do then watch tv.

    GAstudent, that was my point. This is why I get so angry. We have one aide to 18 residents max. They should be receiving optimal care, instead well ya heard me......You ever want to come to our neck of the woods, I am sure our DON would love to have you with us! I would. As to the current issues with your coworkers, you have my sympathies and hugs.


    I apologize, having really enjoyed your posts in the past, I realize you would never condone sleeping on the job. I honestly didn't mean to infer (or is it imply?) that you found it acceptable! Your posts remind me so much of our own DON. You both really care about seeing the residents receive the attention, care and affection they deserve, while seeking to see that your staff, especially those that work so hard, realize their value.

    Okies shushing now
  4. by   wif411
    I work in a LTC facility on 11p-7a also. For 100 patients there is me, an LPN, and 5 cNAs. Well, there are times I can not find the LPN. None of his CNAs know where he is and he fails to respond to pages. I, a 4'11', 125 female and he a 6'3" black male at about 250lbs. Anyway, I told him recently....You know, you need to let me in on your little hiding places...just incase I REALLY need you. Now, the man answers his pages. But I can't wait to catch him.