Self-portraits Chronicle a Descent Into Alzheimer's.

  1. wow. compelling indeed. check this out.

    below is the link to an article about the artist william utermohlen, who is now 73, who was diagnosed with alz in 1995. the portraits are currently being shown at the ny academy of medicine by the alzheimer's association.


    the self-portraits that he painted while the disease progressed are truly remarkable. i'm not going to try to describe them. these pictures are beyond words. a true voice from within the alzheimer's consciousness.
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    such a courageous soul.
    his last picture left me with chills, as he didn't even paint his eyes.
    it appears he finally lost all perspective of any deteriorating insight.
    such a cruel, cruel disease.
    thank you jnette.
    this touched me deeply.

    leslie xo
  4. by   kate1114
    Wow. It's amazing to me how the arts can capture aspects of life that we can't easily put into words. What an amazing story and set of photos!
  5. by   marjoriemac
    The paintings are remarkable and scary at the same time. We were once told not to criticise the work of those with dementia ie the imperfect cake, the xmas card with happy birthday written on it! I wonder how hard it must have been not to comment on the destruction of his artistic ability. I also wonder whether destruction is the wrong word as is art not a very individual topic. We all see art in different structures. Well done to those who encouraged his art despite the progress of alzheimers!