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would be interested in talking to other restorative /nsg rehab coordinators about their programs. Will share information, what works/ what doesn't. Look forward to hearing from you!... Read More

  1. by   fall222
    I'm a restorative coordinator in a 127 bed facility I'm always looking for new ideas would like any help I could get thanks.
  2. by   Miss Julie
    I was glad to see a new posting re: restorative nurses. I took the restorative job in Feb 06 and have been muddling my way through it ever since. I work in a ~100 bed facility and I work solo. I have no aides and though i have asked i have been turned down by administration. as a result i have had to cut back on the amount of time i spend with individual residents whenever i add someone to the program, and this bothers me. i am a little overwhelmed at times. I took the job mostly for the weekends off, but i am beginning to wonder if it was worth it! I don't think that people understand all the tasks that are assigned to restorative nurses. anyway, sorry for complaining, it'll work out in the end, if anyone has any good ideas to help incorporate larger numbers of people into AROM programs besides Sittercise i would greatly appreciate any info. I didn't recieve any speical training either and am also looking for some good books if anyone knows of some.
  3. by   lavahawaii
    What I have discovered in my ongoing stint as the Restorative Care, Staff Development Coordinator is that the whole Upper end of the management MUST "buy in and support the effort.. It takes the efforts of the entire team to make a Restorative Program....
    A good reference is the 3 million dollar Restorative Program by B. Resnick at in Maryland, that created the current evidence based benchmark.... It can no longer be business as usual and maintain any degree of success in a program like this....I ran into similar difficulties with staffing and convinced the administration to cross train 2 CNSs as relief RNAs to cover weekends (Saturdays) To obtain reimbursement for Restorative Care, the service has to be offered 6 days a week and PT must be minimally involved i.e. 15 min a day x 3 days per week..
    We do a Walk to Dine Program and we also do group Passive ROM for 15 min after lunch and dinner. This helps with some Restorative Aspects, but dining and special tools are needed. Toileting Schedules must be implemented and resident function should be supported by encouraging self sufficiency as much as possible. Good resource is search Restorative Nursing
    Good luck
    Aloha ;-)
  4. by   jalyhu
    I see this is an old thread but if any one has any advice to an old nurse on how to set up a new restorative program in a small facility (30-80 residents) with a high staff turn over and the lowest wages anywhere, I'm open for suggestions.

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  5. by   jstonern
    I just took over the restorative program. Can you give me suggestions, guide me to where I can find the regulations? Any help would be appreciated.