Question about schooling/certification ??

  1. Hi! I want to get into the field of elder/geriatric care. I would like to work in a nursing home, and perhaps eventually move to hospice. I have made some inquiries with various schools and universities but I just don't know what type of certification or degree I need!

    Here's my situation: I'm currently a SAHM to three young children. In 2 years, the 2 younger children will be starting preschool - so I was thinking that now I have the time to do courses on-line. Then when they get into preschool I can take some labs/classwork.

    So I've come to the professionals - what type of degree/certification do you hold, and what do you recommend?

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  3. by   ann945n
    Do you mean to get a RN degree or LPN or CNA or all of the above? If you dont have any of these you can get a CNA in 6 weeks or so (how long it took me to get mine) no pre reqs or anything but you have to go into a real class room for this. LPN is a 4 quater certificate with around a year of pre reqs and RN is 6 quaters with a year or two pre reqs. You can also get a RN BSN which is a 4 year degree. If you want to do something online and be as fast as possible i say get a LPN or RN adn (associate degree) and then from there you can take online classes to go from LPN to RN or RN to BSN. Hope that was clear! Cna is a great place to start but usually only make around 10 dollars an hour but will get you into the right area you want, i loved being a CNA great work!
  4. by   DuncanDog
    Thanks for the reply!

    Given your info, I think I'd like to shoot for LPN at this point. My first inclination was CNA, that just feels right from what I've read, but then again I'd like to make use of the time that I have available now.

    Thanks again!