Question about making dr apts for residents - page 2

Hello!! I have a question for LTC nurses. Ok, lets say a new admit comes in on second shift. On the transfer paper is says for the patiend is to follow up with Dr whoever. Now you are unable... Read More

  1. by   BoopetteRN
    We have unit specialists who make dr appointments and arrange transportation. They recornd residents weights on the computer and gives the sheet to the nurses if there is a weight gain or loss. They thin charts, take the faxes put them so the nurses can see them, answer the phone, and watch residents who are fall risks at the desk. They make sure we have all the necessary sheets for documentation, and update the CNAs assignment sheets and prints them off for all 3 shifts. When orders for labs or dr appointments come in after she leaves or on weekends, we put that information on a calander book that sits at the desk. We have 4 nursing neighborhoods and there is one for each and a float. They are wonderful. They also take care of the chart after a resident is discharged.
  2. by   evilolive
    I had something like this happen to me last night. I noticed an order during my order checks on night shift that the MD had written waaay back in the "MD Orders" section of the chart. Rather than using a new order sheet, he found one way back near early April's orders. Anyway - I verbally passed this on to day shift to schedule the f/u appt. I have at least one (out of the two) good day nurse I work with (on a 32 bed unit) who makes a note to write it on her report sheet. Tonight, to make sure she followed up on scheduling the appt, I'll check the resident's notes. We always write a short blurb when scheduling an appt.

    Works for me.