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Hey all. I'm an RN who works the night shift at a 60 bed LTC facility. Of course, I'm the only nurse there during those hours and have a 22 bed RCF to oversee as well. I don't have many 0600 meds,... Read More

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    I can't imagine signing off MARs before giving a med. What if you're not the one who ends up giving the meds? I know nurses who go through the med book at the beginning of the night and sign off all their meds. I'd hate to be that nurse if she or he has to go home sick, or the resident gets sent out in the middle of the night. Same thing with nurses in the hospital who sign off assessment flow sheets at the beginning of the shift. Then the patient codes and dies at 2 am, but the flow sheet says they were fine at 6 am....

    I had one night working with another nurse when there was an emergency at 5 am and he had to deal with the resident. I offered to do his meds for him, and found that he not only had signed off all his MARs, but all the pills were in the drawers, not only poured, but already crushed.
    I found this hard to believe, but in the facility I am currently working in the "official" proceedure for a med pass is "pour", "document" then "pass". I was actually reprimanded for pouring, passing then documenting!

    I work in the skilled/short term unit of our facility with a very rapid turnover rate. In essence I have a different set of patients from week to week which makes it difficult to know their preferences. There are occasions when I will ask the patient if they are ready to take their pills... then go and set them up only to return to their room and have them occupied or unable to take them at that time. I usually save the meds instead of wasting them. (imagine chucking a couple of sandimmune because the patient was sitting on the toilet, or working with a therapist...not practical at all....)